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Tromso (Norway)

1881 Reindeer

  3 o brown
  5 o blue
  8 o green

1881 Reindeer

  2 o brown
  5 o red
  8 o grey

  5 on 2 Ore brown (4 types, forged overprints exist)

(Forged overprint, image obtained from Dr. Reinhard Meyer's website with permission)

1887 Reindeer

  2 o blue and red
  2 o green and red
  5 o brown and blue
  5 o green and brown (1895)
  8 o green and red
  8 o red and violet (1895)
  25 o violet and olive (1895)

More information on types, cancels etc. can be found on: (in German).

Trondhjems (Norway)

The Bypost in Trondhjem (Throndhjem) lasted from 1865 to 1913. The income did not only come from the postal service, but also from selling stamps to philatelists.


I'm not sure if this is a genuine stamp.

The above stamp is the first bypost stamp issued in Norway. This Throndhjem bypost was opened on Nov, 1865. It served Trondhjem and suburbs for both letters and parcels. It was operated by Georg F. Krogh up to 1870 when he sold the business to Braekstad&Co. At least 4 types exist; one with 30 pearls, one with 31 pearls. There also seem to exist stamps with overprint 'B&Co' (I have never seen this genuine overprint personally). Krogh only used pen cancellations.

Reprints exist with smaller inscription 'BY-POST' and with no dot behind this word, example:


These reprints also exist with the overprint 'B&Co':

(Reprint with 'B&Co' overprint, image obtained with permission from Dr. Reinhard Meyer's website)

A badly executed forgery exists with a large open 'O' of 'BY-POST.' (this word has a dot in this forgery).


  1/2 s blue
  1 s red
  2 s green

'2' on 1/2 sk blue

  '1/2' on 1 s red
  '1' on 1/2 s blue
  '1' on 2 s green (2 types)
  '2' on 1/2 s blue (2 types)
  '2' on 1 s green 
  '4' on 2 s green (2 types)
  '8' on 2 s green

A large number of reprints were made (also surcharged stamps) from new plates. These reprints were also valid for postal use (authorised by the owner Braekstad). A forgery of the 1 sk red stamp exists. Furthermore a forgery of the 1/2 sk on 1 sk red stamp exists (the overprint is different from a genuine stamp).

1877 Value, new design

  2 o blue and green
  4 o red and yellow
  8 o green and yellow

These stamps exist in two sizes.

1884 Arms in circle, perforated

(Image obtained with permission from Dr. Reinhard Meyer's website)

  4 o brown

Imperforate stamps exist (non-issued stamps).

1886 Value in circle, inscription 'TRONDHJEMS BYPOST', perforated

  2 o yellow
  4 o red (orange)
  4 o blue
  8 o violet
  16 o brown

Surcharged (1902)
  '2' on 4 o red

1897 Various pictures commemorating the founding of the city 900 years ago

(Images obtained with permission from Dr. Reinhard Meyer's website)

  2 o blue (arms)
  4 o red (cathedral)
  10 o green (St.Olaf)
  20 o brown (fort?)

Postal stationery:

Besides the above postcard, another postcard seems to have been issued with inscription 'BREV KORT' with no value indication.

For more information on the bypost issues of Throndjem, see: (in German).

Vadso (Norway)

1893 Reindeer and man in sledge

(Images obtained thanks to Lasse Hult)

(Reduced sizes)

  2 o blue
  4 o red
  8 o green
  10 o violet

Vardo (Norway)

1893 Same design as stamps of Vadso (reindeer), but with boat in center

(Images obtained thanks to Lasse Hult)

  2 o brown
  4 o red
  8 o grey
  10 o orange

For more information see: (in German).


Veile Bypost (Denmark)

Veile Bypost issued stamps from 1887 to 1906.

  1 o brown 
  2 o orange 
  3 o green 
  5 o red 
  10 o blue 
Other values might exist.

Viborg (Denmark) Bypost

Used stamps from 1886 to 1890.

1886 Value in ellipse, inscription 'VIBORG BYPOST'

  3 o blue
  5 o red



1888 Cathedral

(Reduced size)

  5 o blue and red
  10 o green and red (Pakkemarke)

Note the different inscription at the bottom in the last stamp.

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