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A short history of Joseph J.Casey can be found in 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler. He was editor of 'The American Journal of Philately' when he started selling reprints of the local stamps of Berford & Co Express (USA). Casey offered them as reprints. After discovering the truth and being exposed by S.Allan Taylor in 1874, Casey was removed from his editorship of 'The American Journal of Philately' by the publisher, J.W.Scott. It is amusing that both Taylor and Scott are also listed in V.E.Tyler's book on philatelic forgers..... The following text can be found in 'The United States Locals' book by Coster on this matter:
"One original set of the Berford stamps is said to exist, in the collection of an individual who, perhaps, appreciating their rarity and desiring that the semblance of the reality should be within the reach of all, caused photo-lithographic " reproductions " to be made a couple of years ago. These imitations (or "reprints" as they were called by the individual already referred to) have been fully ventilated in the columns of the Philatelic press."

After this Casey started his own journal 'The Coin & Stamp Journal' in 1876, which was renamed as 'The Stamp Journal' in 1877.

Casey also made a bogus issue for Egypt (3 Aspers, showing a pyramid).

He still advertised in The Dominion Philatelist of 1892, Vol.IV, No.38, page 29 as:
"Stamp Collectors Magazine" of 12 volumes, choice collection of 1600 Italian Municipals. Choice N. S, Envelopes. Rare Essays and fine Proofs. What have you to excharge for these? If you wish to sell your collection or duplicates. I can buy for cash, paying highest prices or can sell same at auction at 0 perc ent. Liberal advances made on good collections. JOSEPH J.CASEY, 26E 129th St, New York City.

Bogus issue of Walkers' Penny Post by Casey

Walker's Penny Post: A bogus issue, I have seen this stamp in the colours: black on red, black on yellow, black on lilac, black on green, gold on green, gold on blue, and brown. This forgery was made by Casey (see 'Philatelic forgers, their lives and works' by V.E.Tyler, 1976, for a short review of his life). It should be noted that forgeries of this bogus issue exist made by S.Allan Taylor (the 'R' of 'WALKER' has a straight foot).

'R' with straight foot

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