CHINA Forgeries of the 1894 issue

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China 1894-1897

Genuine stamps are perforated 12 and have watermark 'Shell'.

Watermark 'Shell' on a genuine 24 c stamp

Examples of forgeries:


Forgeries, possibly made by the same forger (most likely Kamigata). All with very wide margins and badly perforated:

Forgery! I've also seen this forgery in paler red. Note the spike on top of the '5'.
These forgeries might have been made by the Japanese stamp forger Kamigata.

This forgery of the 2 c has inscription 'Cnn', I have also seen it in brighter green. I've seen this forgery with a circular 'IMITATION' cancel. This forgery was most likely made by Kamigata.

Some modern 'Hialeah' forgeries of these stamps (named after the town they come from), generated with a scanner and printer (offered in large quantities on Ebay):

(Hialeah forgeries)

I'm not sure if this stamp is genuine.
I don't thrust this stamp, it is probably a forgery.

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