EGYPT Postage Due Stamps of 1888, forgeries

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1888 Inscription 'A percevoir postes egyptiennes', currency changed, I presume the next stamps are genuine:

Note the double cancel including a 'T' in a rectangle Might be a forgery With '.' behind 'PIASTRES', image obtained from a Daniel F.Kelleher Auction

These stamps have perforation 11 1/2. Imperforate proofs exist (but imperforate forgeries as well!). Genuine stamps sometimes have guidelines outside the design (this is not always visible though).

Most likely a genuine type(?). The first 'I' of the left 'MILLIEMES' has a large blob on it.

Most likely genuine stamps, the bottom one has a broken 'I' of 'PERCEVOIR'.

A genuine block of four 5 m stamps? In my view, they have the following distiguishing characteristics:
Top left stamp: very small dot in white part of upper part of '5'. Small break in thin frameline left of the second 'I' of left 'MILLIEMES'.
Top right stamp: dot in front of 'VOIR'; Bottom right stamp, bottom part of 'I' of 'VOIR' missing.

Might be a forgery
Might be a forgery?


Many forgeries exist.The first dangerous forgeries appeared in 1898 of the Piaster values and were marketed as 'reprints'. The next forgeries have perforation 14.

Besides the perforation being totally wrong, in my view the Arabic text in the bottom right part ends too soon in the 1 Pi, 2 Pi and 5 Pi values.

The same forgery as above, but with correct perforation?

A different 2 m forgery (note for example the accent on the left 'E' and the position of the bottom Arabic '2') It looks like these forgeries have the cancel 'POSTE EGIZIANE PORT SAID 3 GEN 78 T1' as also appears on other forgeries. Next to it a 5 Pi forgery with the same cancel.

Other forgeries:

Forgery of the 5 Pi stamp; note the missing perforation hole at the top, which seems to be missing in all forgeries of this type. In my opinion, both 'P's of 'PIASTRES' are too rounded in the 5 Pi? Next to it a 2 Pi forgery, also with missing upper left and right perforation holes.

All forgeries, probably made by the same forger.

Possibly a Fournier forgery, in the Arabic text under the 'M' of MILLIEMES' the character resembling a lying down 'E' touches one of the dots above it (source Serrane guide). Also in the genuine stamps, there is a line in the corner to the right and below of the 'R' of 'PERCEVOIR', connecting the thick and outer thin frameline.

Page from a Fournier Album with Fournier forgeries.

Other forgery?

(Reduced size)

Could this be the same forgery? The first 'S' of the left 'PIASTRES' very strange, 'P' of right 'PIASTRES' slanting, etc. The text on the left hand side appears to be too close to the inner frame. For example, the 'S' of EGYPTIENNES' almost touches this frameline. This letter is also misshapen. The 'P' of 'POSTES' is placed too low (when compared to the inner frameline).

Forgeries, possibly of Italian origins, all with the same cancel 'POSTE EGIZIANE PORT SAID 3 GEN 78 T1' (the same cancel used on forgeries of the first set). The date is 1878 (before the stamps were even issued!). I've seen all values of this particular forgery set. They also exist pasted on small pieces of letters. Note that in the 2 m, the '2' is too fat (the forger has essentially used the '2' of the 2 Pi value of the previous issue). In all the 2 m forgeries that I've seen there is a green dot in the right bottom part of the '2'. Note that the Arabic inscription on the right hand side is slightly different from the genuine stamps in all values. The bottom right part of the 1 Pi and 2 Pi forgeries ends too soon (as in some of the forgeries shown earlier).

Forgery of the 2 m value with '3' in the cancel manually changed to '18'? Next to it another 2 Pi forgery, the '2' is placer lower in this forgery.

The same forged cancel 'POSTE EGIZIANE PORTO SAID 3 GEN 78 T1' was applied to forgeries of the 1884 postage due stamps.

This dubious item has the same cancel as can be found on a forged Suez Canal Company stamp: 'PORT SAID 2-1-14 2-4-5 PORT SAID'

I've been told that this is a forgey as well, I don't know the distinguishing characteristics. It has the word 'FAKE' printed at the back. According to me, the right 'PIASTRES' has the top loop of the final 'S' too small. Next to it some stamps which I presume are the same forgery, but now with unreadable cancels or even imperforate. The 'C' of 'PERCEVOIR' appears larger.

A block of 5 Pi forgeries? The same forgery as shown above?

1 Pi values in the colors violet or orange are forgeries:


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