Ferdinand Elb

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Stamp dealer and forger of Dresden (Germany). He was registered in the 'Kaufmännische Verein' of Dresden in 1860 (source: "Judische Wege ins Burgertum" by Simone Lassig). Apparently he issued a stamp catalogue in 1864, although I've never seen it. See for more information on Ferdinand Elb the book 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler.

Elb made forgeries in the reverse colours of the first postal stationery of Finland: 10 k red and 20 k black. He then sold them for £50 or more each! (see: Album Weeds by Earee or Philatelic Forgers, their lives and works by Varro E. Tyler). The confusion thus created was so good that official reprints were in 1862 of all 4 values (thus including the bogus colors)!

Elb is also to have made forgeries of the 3 p red 1850 stamp of Saxony, while his involvment in the Saxon-Bohemian S.S. Co, the Berlin Stadt Express and Leitmeritz locals is suspected.

Stamps of Leitmeritz, possibly prepared by Ferdinand Elb (reduced sizes)

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