GENEVA (Genève); Forgeries Part 2

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Many forgeries exist of the stamps of Geneva, in the early 20th century already 15 forgeries of the double stamp and 34(!) forgeries existed imitating the larger stamps and the envelope (according to Album Weeds), they even exist printed on genuine paper obtained from the envelopes.

Forgeries of the single stamps:

Forgery! forgery!

Green and black on green forgery made by the same forger.


Forgery Forgery, overprinted 'FACSIMILE'
(With 'FACSIMILE' overprint, they might be Champion forgeries. )

Reduced size, forgery!

Probably a forgery

A forgery with no dots behind the eagle

Two forgeries made by the same forger. The wing of the eagle is deformed, the 'C' of 'Cantonal' is placed too high.


Geneva forgeries, part 3

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