JAPAN, Forgeries of the 1874 issue and later

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Examples of some forgeries:

A Spiro forgery of the 5 s value, reduced size. I've also seen it with a 'JOKOHAMA' cancel in a single circle without any date.


Some forgeries are also inscribed with the words 'Mo-Zo' (meaning 'imitation' in Japanese), see the website http://isjp.org/expert/Cherry_Blossoms/CB.html for much more information. Example:

(A Mozo forgery; 'Mo-zo' is written in two small characters below the lowest characters at the right and left hand side of the ellipse)


(Spiro forgery)

Block of three Spiro forgeries of the 45 s value.

(Forgeries with a bogus 'JOKOHAMA' cancel)

A Wada forgery, note the (very faint in the left stamp!) Japanese inscriptions at both sides of the neck of the bird signifying forgery.

(A forgery with the inscription 'SAN KO'; see the red arrows)

(forgery with 'SAN KO' almost hidden by the cancel, still visible at the left hand side of the eagle, right to it a zoom-in of a stamp with clearly visible 'SAN KO' marks)

Another 'SAN KO' forgery of the 45 s value

(Forgery, reduced size)

I've seen some reprints of the 'bird issue', which were made in 1961 (all three values printed imperforate on a mini-sheet). The inscription is '1871-1961' with additional Japanese inscription.

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