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Examples of some forgeries:

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Other forgeries:

(Note the two small Japanese characters just above the lower part of the circle in this forgery)

In the above 20 s forgeries, there are two 'San-ko' signs just outside the circle at the level of the lower Japanese characters in the left and right side.

This forgery of the 1 s value has the word 'Mo-zo' as lowest character in the central design (just above the crossing branches).

The word 'San-ko' can often be found included in the design of the forgeries, for an excellent website on these forgeries see: http://isjp.org/expert/Cherry_Blossoms/CB.html. It seems that 'Sanko' means 'reference' in Japanese. Examples of 'Sanko' forgeries:

(In this forgery the word 'San-ko' is written above the 'S' of the lower word 'SEN'; below the other characters of the central part of the stamp)

10 s blue, could be a forgery
Some other 'San-ko' forgeries of the 10 s value

This forgery of the 30 s has two 'secret signs' at both sides just below the chrysantheum

Forgery of the 10 s green.

(A Wada forgery)

(A Mozo forgery)

Mihon forgeries, there are extra Japanese signs in the design; Mi-hon which means 'specimen', but is here used to indicate forgeries.

Other forgeries:

Imperforate reprints in a minisheet, made in 1961

1961 reprints.

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