PARMA 1859 issue, part 2

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Forgeries (for more forgeries of Parma 1859 issue, and genuine stamps, click here):

Fournier forgeries

Fournier forgery of the 10 c value, taken from a 'Fournier Album of Philatelic Forgeries' on the backside of this forgery the words 'FAC-SIMILE' are printed in slanting rows.

Fournier forgeries with 'PARMA 9 AGOS 58' in a single circle as cancel

It should be noted that Fournier also sold better forgeries (though they are not in his 1914 pricelist, but images can be found in Fourniers album of philatelic forgeries). A cancel that can be encountered is (among others): 'BORGO 6 FEBR 59' in a single circle (this cancel can be seen in 'Fournier's album of philatelic forgeries'). Other cancels that are shown in this album are: 'PARMA 13 AGO 1858' in a single circle, 'PARMA 9 AGOS 58' in a single circle, 'PARMA 15 MAG 1858'? in a single circle, 'TERACINA 4 APR 67' in a double circle, 'FOLIGNO 20 DIC 68' in a double circle and 'CALDAROL' in a straight line.

Page from 'A Fournier Album'

Taken from a Fournier Album: a 'block' of three 10 c forgeries.

Other sheetlet with six forged 20 c Fournier forgeries, taken from a Fournier Album.

Other examples from the Fournier Album, except for the 5 c, all of them are actually Spiro forgeries.

(Fournier forgeries, the second forgery is actually an 'enhanced' Spiro forgery; the dotted Spiro cancel can still be seen at the left bottom side)

(Fournier cancels, reduced sizes, page of the Fournier Album listed as being used in the Papal States)

In the next forgeries, the 'C' of 'CENTESIMI' is almost touching the frame line.

'C' of 'CENTISIMI' almost touching the border


Two other forgeries, also with the 'C' very close to the left border frameline:

Two other forgeries, apparently made by the same forger:


I have seen many 'modern' forgeries often offered on Internet auctions (2005). They are generally printed on very white paper. The shown breaks and errors are identical in all the stamps for one value and thus serve as a means to identify them. Usually they are uncancelled, though I have seen them with cancel (see next image of the 40 c). Of the 40 c shown below two colours exist: red and orange. The 5 c also exists in two colours: light and dark green (not shown). Click here for mor information on these Italian States modern forgeries.

Modern forgeries of the 10 c and 40 c

Modern forgery of the 5 c. This forgery exists in the colors dark green and light green.

Forgeries made by the same forger?

With 'Modena' cancel! Forgery! 40 c red, probably a forgery! The '4' is different
Forgeries made by the same forger?

I've seen these forgeries being offered in whole sheets of 100 stamps (10 rows of 10 stamps), with border inscription '=== GOVERNO PROVVISORIO DI PARMA ===' at all four sides. I've seen them cancelled, for example the 5 c with lozenge with lines or with the above 'FRANCOBOLLO INSUFFICIENTE' cancel.


Again a set of forgeries, all made by the same forger, a few of them with cancel 'PARMA 14 MARZ':

Forgeries in a different type, but with the same 'PARMA 14 MARZ 58' cancel

Similar forgery, but with 'SIENA 10 NOV 56' cancel

Same type of forgery, but with cross cancel, reduced size

Three forgeries with the second 'E' of 'CENTESIMI' much larger than the 'S'

Other forgeries

All the stamps below are probably forgeries also (note especially the value numbers, which are often different from the genuine stamps):

Forgery! 9 c black on blue, note the strange 'A' of 'STATI' Note the strange 'S' in 'PARMENSI' Sold as genuine on a prestigious Internet auction A very dubious item: 5 c olive green 'C' of 'CENTESIMI' too far to the right and almost closed.

Forgery with strange 'S' in 'STATI' and 'P' of 'PARMENSI' touching left border

(Note the strange cancel)

Forgery(?) with very broad 'A' of 'STATI', image obtained thanks to Mark Toft

The 40 c stamp at the right hand side was offered as genuine on Ebay (2006); the seller was conviced that it was a 'second' printing of the 40 c. Nevertheless, all the lettering is different and the seller did not have a certificate of genuineness. Note that the other stamps were probably made by the same forger. The paper seems to be rather identical to the paper of the genuine stamps. In all the above forgeries, the 'T' of 'CENTESIMI' is non-symmetric and the second 'E' of this word has the bottom limb much broader than the top limb.

This forgery has a typical 'Spiro' cancel, yet is different from a Spiro forgery.

Some forgeries with a 'cross' cancel:

Could be a forgery

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