RUMANIA 1865 issue

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1865 Prince Cuza facing the right, imperforated, inscription "POSTA ROMANA FRANCO", value in parales

Both types? Type II

  2 p yellow
  5 p blue
  20 p red

For the specialist; there are two types of the 20 p, one with the oval with the king touching the frame at the bottom and another one, where the oval does not touch the frame at the bottom.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
2 p R RR  
5 p *** RRR  
20 p *** ***  


Forgeries exist, examples:

Forgery! Forgery!

(Reduced sizes)

The cancels are an easy way to distinguish these forgeries. Other fancy cancels exist (such as dots arranged in squares or lines, or parallel lines). These forgeries are described in 'The Spud Papers I'. In the genuine 2 p yellow, the '2' in the left lower corner should not be placed in the center of the rectangle, but slightly to the left. The head is too small in the forgeries and the 'O' of 'FRANCO' has a flat bottom. In the 5 p blue forgery, the lattice work background is too strong and the letters are badly formed. Three of the '5' s are too flat. There is a white dot in the hair on the forehead. The 20 p forgery has the figures of value too tall. The top of the '2' in the upper left corner almost touches the frame (it should touch it). The inscription 'DOUA DECI PAR' is badly visible in the forgery. In all three values the head looks different from the genuine stamps. These forgeries were also sold by Fournier (he also offered more dangerous forgeries of these stamps, by the way).

There is also a forgery of the 20 p with inscription "DOUA PARALE" instead of "DOUA DECI PAR":

"DOUA PARALE" instead of "DOUA DECI PAR" forgery. The second stamp has a typical 'VF' cancel.

More forgeries with a typical 'VF' cancel.

A 2 parale stamp with 'DOUA DECI PAR' inscription instead of 'DOUA PARALE'

Other, more dangerous forgeries exist, some with the dot missing under the 'S' of 'POSTA'.

Forgery of the 5 pa stamp.

Forgery of the 5 p (Oneglia?) with the '5's too big (especially at the bottom).

Forgery of the 2 pa stamp; the bottom's of the '2's are all flat, the beard of the King is strange and too white.

Another set of forgeries.

A very dubious 2 pa stamp.

Forgery with 'FAUX' overprint. I've seen more forgeries with this 'BUCURESCI 13/8' cancel.

Fournier forged cancels; I've seen the 20 pa in a Fournier Album with the 'GALATI 4/9' cancel and a 5 pa with the above forged 'JASSY 10 8 FRANCA' cancel.

Unissued stamps with 'POSTA ROMANA' on top with the portrait of Prince Cuza in a circle exist, they were prepared in 1866. Examples:


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