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I've seen the 2 Sk blue and 4 Sk red stamps in this design.

D/S Smaalandshavet Bandholm

I've seen the values, 10 o brown, 60 o brown, 90 o green, 200 o violet, "25 ore" on 10 o brown and "100 ore" on 40 o orange.


Naksov-Kragenaes Jernbane



Denmark 'DSB' (Danske Stats Baner)

(reduced sizes)

I have seen the values 5 o grey, 7 o red, 10 o brown, 20 o brown, 30 o green, 40 o grey, 40 o yellow, 50 o yellow, 50 o brown, 50 o red, 60 o red, 70 o brown, 80 o violet, 90 o red, 90 o violet, 100 o orange, 100 o blue, 120 o yellow, 200 o green and a surchrarge of '10' on 7 o red. I have also seen a 500 o lilac (design slightly different with value in an ellipse). In a similar design but larger (value in an ellipse) I have seen 25 o green.


'De Danske Statsbaner and 'Randers Hadsund Jernbane'

Aalborg Privatbaner

(Reduced sizes)

Statens Jarnvager (Sweden)

Lyngby-Naerum (Denmark)

De Sjaellandske Jernbaner

10 Pund 12 Skilling brown value in an ellipse, crown on top

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