Lucian (Lucien?) Smeets; STAMP FORGER

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Lucian (Lucien?) Smeets was a stamp forger from Belgium around 1910(?). I have not much information about this forger.

Forgeries made by bleatching out the design of a 2 1/2 p Great Britain stamp and printing on it a forged 9 p design with 'BA' corner letters. The paper, watermark and cancel are genuine. It is thought that these forgeries were made by Lucian Smeets.

Smeets Gambia forgery with the Ceylon stamp that he used and a zoom-in.

Smeets also made forgeries of the Gambia 1904 King Edward VII 2 Shilling stamp (with genuine Crown CA watermark and perforation 14). He again removed the design of a cheaper Ceylon Queen Victoria 5 c stamp and replaced it by the Gambia design. The cancel "RAMBUKKANA" gives it away (this cancel is a Ceylon cancel and could not be removed).

Smeets forgery of the 1 Sh value of St.Lucia, made by bleaching out a 5 c Ceylon stamp and reprinting the St.Lucia design. The Kotagala (Ceylon) cancel is still present.

Smeets forgery of the 5 Sh value of St.Vincent, made by bleaching out a 5 c Ceylon stamp (shown to the right) and reprinting the St.Vincent design. The Kurenegala (Ceylon) cancel is still present. The original design can still be vaguely seen in the value tablet.

In a similar fashion, he also made forgeries of the Queen Victoria 1R50 stamp of the Seychelles, see for more information.


Smeets also made forgeries of the 1901 and 1904 issues of Serbia. A description can be found in 'Focus on Forgeries' by Varro E. Tyler. He also made some forgeries of Hong Kong (no images or information available right now) and Nevis ( The Nevis forgeries were apparently again bleached out stamps from another British colony (to get the correct watermark, perforation and paper) and reprinted with the Nevis stamp design.

The site furthermore mentions a possible 5 Gulden Wilhelmina 1896 Netherlands forgery which was probably made by Lucien Smeets. Two forged Smeets cancels "SITTARD 24 MEI 07 1-2N" and "AMSTERDAM 28 MEI 98 10-11.N" are also shown there. The booklet of P.F.A.v.d.Loo also mentions this forgery.

Some mass produced forgeries from British Solomon Islands, made by Lucien Smeets:

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