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(Arabic numerals)

Many foreign post offices existed in Turkey (Austrian, British, French, German etc.).

I still need many images of the many issues/overprints of this country, I would be very grateful for any help! If you possess images of stamps that are not yet present in this catalogue, please contact me!


For stamps in this 1863 design click here.

1865 - 1875 Duloz issue

The above design was issued from 1865 to 1875, click here for more details.

1876 - 1900

Two designs issued between 1876 and 1900, click here for more of these stamps.

Stamp issued for Eastern Rumelia in a similar design with inscription 'ROUMELIE ORIENTALE'

1901 - 1907

Examples of stamps issued from 1901 to 1907.

1908 - 1912

Examples of stamps issued from 1908 to 1912.

1913 Postal building issue

Stamp issued in 1913.

1913 - 1920

Some typical examples of stamps issued from 1913 to 1920.


During world war I, several overprints were applied to the stamps of previous issues that were still in stock (due to a stamp shortage), some examples:

(6-pointed star and crescent, date in arabic in crescent)

(5-pointed star and crescent, date in arabic in crescent)

(6 and 5 pointed star with crescent, text in crescent, date in arabic between crescent and star, initially intended to be charity stamps)

(Beetle like overprint of 1917)

The following stamp (and other values) was issued for Thessaly:

Some stamps of Turkey were surcharged with a double headed eagle and used in Albania, example:

Genuine overprint
(Albania stamp, overprinted with double headed eagle and 'SHQIPENIA')

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