E. Carlo Usigli Forgeries

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Usigli was a stamp forger from Florence (Italy). More on Usigli can be found in "Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works" by V.E.Tyler.


Usigli obtained the plates of the stamps of Romagna (together with genuine obliterators). He made private reprints and essays (see below) with these and with retouched plates. He sold the plates to a certain Bonasi, who sold them again to the stamp dealer Moens in Belgium.

'Saggio' essays made of Romagna by Usigli:

These are 'essays' printed by Usigli ment for the stamp dealer Moens. The central part of the design is often broken and badly printed. The word 'Saggio' is printed at the bottom.


Papal States

In 1878 (according to Tyler), Usigli obtained the printing plates of the 1867 issue of the Papal States (Roman States). He made 'essays' and reprints out of these (see examples below). See also 'Handbuch der Neudrucke' by Paul Ohrt, 1912, pages 200-202.

'Essay' strips of the Papal States, made by Usigli:

'Usigli's essay strips', in the first strip the last two columns are missing, in the second strip the first two columns are missing

Usigli reprints of the Papal States:

Usigli reprints. Apparently Usigli did not make reprints of the 5 c and 10 c values (see Tyler).


Sardinia (Sardinian horses)

The postal stationary of Sardinia are the first postal stationary to be issued in the world. Forgeries were made of these duty covers in 1875 by Usigli using the original plates (see Tyler). I have no further information or images available.



V.E.Tyler in his book "Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' mentions that the Usigli made a photo-mechanical forgery of the 1857 25 c value of Parma in vermilion on ribbed paper. He also made tete-beche pairs. I have no images available right now.

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