Georg Zechmeyer

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Georg Zechmeyer was a stamp dealer, toy dealer and stamp forger of Nurnberg (Germany). He was born in Ansbach in 1836. See for more information on Zechmeyer the book 'Philatelic Forgers, their Lives and Works' by V.E.Tyler. He died on 30 June 1899. He advertises in several newspapers:

Advertisement of Zechmeyer in the Freiburger Zeitung 17 January 1889.

Dealer label, 'G.Zechmeyer, Nurnber Lange Zeile. Briefm. Geschaft'

On 27 February 1877 (according to one of his own advertisement labels, see Volume 1 of this catalogue under Bavaria), he acquired all remainders of the stamps of the Kreuzer stamps of Bavaria (including postal stationery) for 4005 Gulden. According to V.E.Tyler this included three and a half million stamps. He resells half of these stamps for 4000 Gulden to the stamp dealer Julius Goldner.

He also sold brochures with imitations of 40 classical worldwide stamps (source: Bund Deutscher Philatelisten e.V.). His sons, Jakob and Georg, continued the business after his death.

Examples of Zechmeyer forgeries of Brazil:

Zechmeyer forgery! Zechmeyer forgery! Zechmeyer forgery! Zechmeyer forgery! Zechmeyer forgery!

Zechmeyer forgery of the 1 Scudo stamp of the Papal States.

Zechmeyer forgery of the 4 Baj stamp of the Papal States. The keys are touching the circle (left, right, top and bottom)

A Zechmeyer forgery of the 8 Baj value of the Papal States. The design is rather badly done.

Clara Rothe stamps presumably made by Zechmeyer;

Colombia forgery made by Zechmeyer.

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