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(Currency: 100 Lepta = 1 Drachma)

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Other countries with greek text:

British post offices in Crete (listed in Cd 1) PROSWPINON TACUDPOMEION HPAKLEIOU
Cavalle ELLHNIKH DIOIKHSIS (on Bulgarian stamps)
Chios E*D overprint on greek stamp
Dodecanese (see at the end of this file) KOINON NHSIOTON (NHSIWTWN?)
" Stamps of Greece overprinted B.HPEIROS
" Stamps of Greece overprinted ELLHNIKH 1914 CEIMARRA
Ionian Islands IONIKON KRATOS (see Cd1)
Smyrna E.T. SMYPNH
Thrace Stamps of Greece overprinted Dioichsiz Dntichz Qrachz
  Stamps of Greece overprinted Dioichsiz Qrachz


Head of Hermes issues, large and small Hermes head(1861-1900) :

10 l orange, "Large Hermes head" 1 c brown, "Small Hermes head"
(Left: Large Hermes Head issue; right: Small Hermes Head issue)

Click here for forgeries of the large Hermes Head issue and here for cancels on the first issues.

(Postcard in a similar design, reduced size)

Stamp with no country name in a similar design: this is a newspaper stamp of Austria.

Olympic games 1896 and 1906

"Olympic Games 1896" "Olympic Games 1906"

Olympic Games 1896 issue, forgeries

1911 Ancient greek gods, Hermes and Iris, various designs with or without overprints

1 l green 80 l brown "Hermes"

Postage due stamps, inscription 'ENARIQMON GRAMMATOSHMON' and overprints, examples:

Postage due stamp Postage due stamp

1901-1920 issues, examples

1901-1920 issues, example 1901-1920 issues, example

Charity tax issues


(Reduced size)

The status of this stamp (label?) is not quite clear. It was issued in 1838(!). More information can be found on: (this cover was acquired in 1999 by the Smithsonian National Postal Museum). Only four covers with such stamps are known to exist.


1914 War tax stamps, wounded soldier and mother with children on the background

  2 l red
  5 l blue

These stamps have a zig-zag perforation.

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
2 l c c  
5 l c c  


1917 Fiscal stamps, overprinted 'K.P. lepton'

  1 l on 10 l blue
  1 l on 80 l blue
  5 l on 60 l blue
  5 l on 80 l blue
  10 l on 70 l blue
  10 l on 90 l blue
  20 l on 20 l blue
  20 l on 30 l blue
  20 l on 40 l blue
  20 l on 50 l blue
  20 l on 60 l blue
  20 l on 80 l blue
  20 l on 90 l blue

Bisected stamps
  5 l on 10 l blue
  5 l on 60 l blue
  5 l on 80 l blue
  10 l on 70 l blue
  10 l on 90 l blue

Similar overprint, but now 'K.P. lept.' and 2 times the value

  1 l on 10 l lilac
  5 l on 10 l lilac (overprint brown)
  5 l on 10 l blue (overprint brown)
  10 l on 50 l lilac (overprint brown or black)
  20 l on 2 D blue
  50 l on 1 D blue

Other stamps with similar overprints exist (merely fiscal stamps).


Other charity issues of later date:

Forgeries exist of this stamp on thinner paper.

Ship in canal with red cross overprint:

"Inverted overprint"
(the overprint exist inverted and is not very rare)

Later issues, examples:

(Stamps of Greece issued in 1927)

Later issue, with overprint 'eLLHNIKH DIOIKHCIC'

Non issued stamps?

(Reduced size)

Pictures of three men, pillars at the sides. I have seen the following values: 20 l red and black, 25 l blue and black, 50 l violet and black and 1 Dr yellow and black.

Picture of a King George with Greec temple at the background. I have seen the values 20 l orange, 20 l green, 20 l brown, 20 l blue, 20 l black and 20 l red in the above design. Apparently, this stamp was based on or is an essay of Greece from 1864 (source: Die Postwertzeichen von Griechenland by A.E.Glasewald 1896). It is shown in the book 'Kurzgefasste Beschreibung der Essays-Sammlung von Martin Schroeder Leipzig' from A.Reinheimer 1903 as picture #173 and #174. In this book an essay collection of a certain M.Schroeder is shown, which was build up from 1893 to 1902. Maybe the plates have fallen in wrong hands, in view of the large number of these 'essays' that can be found nowadays. In Glasewald 16 values of the 20 l are given (all in different colors). The 20 l blue exists in a type with a slightly smaller head.
Another set of proofs of 5 l (6 colors), 20 l (5 colors) and 40 l (5 colors) exists of the head of King George, but without the temple.


Greec god, inscription 'KOINON NHSIOTON'. This set consist of three values: 1 l green, 5 l blue and 10 l red. These stamps seems to be local issues for Dodecanese (issued in 1912).


(Stamp of Turkey, used in Chio, Greece)


A. Karamitsos, auctions with stamps of Greece and the Greek territories From their website: "We are experienced specialists in the stamps and postal history of Greece, Greek Errors, New Greek Territories, Levant, Cyprus and many other foreign countries."

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