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Russia, Sowjet Union, part 1


1921 Large sized stamps, Wolga famine charity stamps, Wolga view


  2250 R green
  2250 R red
  2250 R brown
  2250 R blue (other design, suffering people) 

Forgeries of the green, red and brown stamp seem quite abundant. In the forged stamps, the shadow of the walking stick of the man in the left corner does not touch the walking stick.



1922 Rostov famine charity issue, various designs, inscription 'POMOGH GOLODAIOWHM P.C.F.C.P'

  2 t red
  2 t green
  4 t red
  6 t green


1922 Labourer, inscription 'P.C.F.C.P 1917 1922'

  5 R black and yellow
  10 R black and brown
  25 R black and lilac
  27 R black and red
  45 R black and blue

Overprinted with red aeroplane and changed colors (airmail)
  45 R black and green

With golden overprint (1923)

  1 R + 1 R on 10 R black and brown


1922 Various designs, boat ,train, car and aeroplane, no value indicated, inscription 'P.C.F.C.P'

(25 R) violet

  (25 R) violet (boat)
  (25 R) blue (train)
  (25 R) violet (car)
  (25 R) blue (aeroplane)


1922 Small sized stamps with labourer or soldier, perforated or imperforate, inscription 'P.C.F.C.P'

  10 R blue (labourer)
  50 R brown (soldier)
  70 R lilac (soldier)
  100 R red (soldier)

Overprinted and surcharged for Siberia (1923)

Issue for Siberia: overprinted 'D.B. KOP. 5 KOP. 3OLOTOM'

  1 kop on 100 R red (perforated or imperforate)
  2 kop on 70 R lilac (imperforate)
  5 kop (red) on 10 R blue (imperforate)
  10 kop on 50 R brown (imperforate)


1923 Labourer, farmer or soldier

With '1923 P.C.F.C.P' incorporated in the design, perforated

  1 R orange (labourer, non issued)
  2 R green (farmer, non issued)
  3 R red (soldier)
  4 R brown (labourer)
  5 R blue (farmer)
  10 R grey (soldier)
  20 R lilac (soldier)

With no year indication, inscription 'C.C.C.P.', currency changed, 
perforated or imperforate

  1 k orange (labourer)
  2 k green (farmer)
  3 k red (soldier)
  4 k red (labourer)
  5 k lilac (labourer)
  6 k blue (farmer)
  7 k brown (soldier)
  8 k olive (labourer)
  9 k red (farmer)
  10 k blue (soldier)
  14 k blue (soldier)
  15 k yellow (farmer)
  20 k green (labourer)
  30 k violet (farmer)
  40 k grey (soldier)
  50 k brown (farmer)
  1 R brown and red (soldier)
  2 R red and green (labourer)

Larger sizes
  3 R brown and green (soldier)
  5 R blue and brown (labourer)


For stamps issued for the hunger disaster in Ukraine, (above designs) click here.


Russia, Sowjet Union, part 3

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