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Russia, Sowjet Union, part 1, part 2


1923 Agricultural exhibition, imperforate or perforated

  1 R brown and lilac (farmer)
  2 R green and light green (sowing farmer)
  5 R blue and light blue (tractor)
  7 R red and lilac (exhibition building)


1924 Portrait of Lenin, perforated or imperforate

  3 k black and red
  6 k black and red
  12 k black and red
  20 k black and red

Forgeries exist with the line at the right hand side of the head much thicker than in the genuine stamps.



1924 Non issued airmail stamps surcharged with new value

  5 k on 3 R blue
  10 k on 5 R green
  15 k on 1 R brown
  20 k on 10 R red


Later issues:

1929 issue

'Eesti Post' on 10 k blue stamp of Sowjet Union used in 1941 (expertized)

Overprinted 'LATVIJA 1941. 1. VII' for Latvia and 'Laisvi Telsiai 1941. VI. 26' issued for Lithuania.

Overprinted 'NEPRIKLAUSOMA LIETUVA 1941 - VI -23' for Lithuania

Some stamps of Russia also received a 'VILNIUS' overprint: 5 k red, 10 k blue, 15 k green, 20 k green, 30 k blue, 50 k brown, 60 k red (arms, larger size), 80 k red (flag, larger size) and 1 R black and red.


Unissued Stamps

Unissued stamps of 1923:

Unlisted airmail stamp

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