STRAITS SETTLEMENTS Cancels on first issues

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Typical cancellations

Some cancels from the Indian period were used on the first issue of Straits Settlements examples are 'B172' (Singapore), 'B109' (Malacca) and B147 (Penang). These cancels can still be found up to at least 1883; source: The Postage Stamps of The Straits Settlements by R.H.D. Lockhart (1925).

(Singapore 'B172' cancel)

'B172' cancel
('B172' Singapore cancel on the left)

('B109' Malacca cancel)

So-called 'duplex' cancel:

(147 Penang on India stamps and on first issue of Straits Settlements)

Duplex cancels for the Straits Settlements consists of a diamond with a number in the center (147 for Penang and 172 for Singapore). There are two small lines connecting the circle and the diamond. Malacca did not use this canceltype.

Singapore 'D14' cancel (a similar cancel 'D17' exists for Penang):

Singapore 'D 14' cancel

"D14 SINGAPORE" duplex cancel.

'PAID' in a straight line:

'PAID' cancel
Perak "PAID" cancel? and two Selangor red "PAID" cancels on stamps of Selangor.

A similar 'PAID' cancel in red was used in Selangor.

Cancel of Singapore, with the date indication removed (since it had become unreadable due to wear), after a while the letters themselves also became unreadable:

Singapore cancel Normal cancel and red firm chop aswell

Mute cancels, consisting of dots:

Diamond of dots 24 c green 30 c lilac

Mute cancels, circle consisting of parallel bars

6 c lilac, circle with parallel bars

Cancel as could have been used in Perak or Sungei Ujong:

Parallel bars in circular shape

Circular date cancel:

Singapore cancel
(Malacca and Singapore)

"SINGAPORE' in a circle, bottom part filled up with dots.

'PENANG' in a circle:

Penang cancel


"ULU PAHANG P.O." cancel.

Part of a large red 'HONGKONG' cancel. I do not know where this cancel was used for.

Large red "STAMPED" in a straight line.

Stamp with manual 'Stamped' written on it. Apparently used to tie the stamp to the envelope (to avoid theft). I've seen similar manual 'Stamped' stamps from India.

Cancels that I have not been able to identify:

30 c lilac

Special cancel: crown with 'NEBONG TABAL':

It seems that the postmaster of this town lost his cancelling device and made this one instead (according to 'Straits Settlements Postage Stamps' by F.E. Wood, p74). This cancel was made in 1894(?). Note that the cancel in the left lower corner reads 'NIBONG TEBAL'.

Cancel of Netherlands Indies on Straits Settlements stamp (5 c blue), number in a diamond of dots, here '5': Padang and some other stamps with cancels '35', '56' and '89':

Netherlands Inidies cancel, nr 5, Padang

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