INDIAN STATES, CASHMIR (Kashmir), 1878 'New Rectangular' issues

Jammu and Cashmir - Jummo et Cachemire

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Many forgeries exist: see the excellent site for more information. Also Very dangerous forgeries are known to exist.

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1878 Design changed again, stars in the 4 corners (1878), so-called 'New Rectangulars', value in lower part of the ellipse

1/8 a yellow

1/4 a red, 1/4 brown and 1/4 a black

1/2 a red and 1/2 a blue

1 anna red and 1 anna green

2 annas violet, 2 a red, 2 a red on green and 2 a black.


(Reduced sizes)

  1/8 a yellow (1883)
  1/4 a red
  1/4 a blue
  1/4 a brown (1883)
  1/4 a black (official stamp)
  1/2 a blue (1880)
  1/2 a red
  1/2 a orange (1883)
  1/2 a black (official stamp)
  1 a violet
  1 a red
  1 a green (1883)
  1 a black (official stamp)
  2 a violet
  2 a blue
  2 a red
  2 a red on yellow/green (1883)
  2 a black (official stamp)

Design with pearls at the border (1878)

4 a? 4 annas 8 annas

4 a orange, 4 a green and 8 a blue


4 a green sheetlet of 8 stamps. The 'perforations' are actually printed. '

8 annas black official stamp
Sheet of 8 anna official stamps.

  4 a red
  4 a green (1883)
  4 a black (official stamp)
  8 a red
  8 a black (official stamp)
  8 a blue (1883)

Typical "L" in an ellipse (or circle) cancel, "REG LAHORE" and "KASHMIR" cancels

Three ring cancel from "JAMMU", other cities also had a similar cancel.

Stamp with Srinagar "L" bar cancel.

Sheet of stamps, note the places to hold the nails in the sideborders.

A sheet with Brighton forgeries, made by Treherne.

Forgery sold by the forger Fournier (left image reduced size); image found in a 'Fournier Album'

Forgeries as sold by the forger Fournier (reduced sizes); images found in a 'Fournier Album'. From left to right; a forgery of Fardikot, one from Jammu and Kashmir and one from Nawanagar.

Another set of forgeries from the Fournier Album, the first one is from Jammu and Kashmir.

Modern forgeries that were produced around the 1980's.

8 annas
Very dubious item, most likely a forgery. The little circle at 2 o'clock should not touch the other characters. A similar item is listed at

8 anna, forgery?
Dubious item, a similar item is listed at

I've often seen stamps with very clear cancels, they might be some kind of reprints or cancelled to order.

Sheetlet with 8 a postal forgeries, used to deceive the post office.

Another postal forgery.


1884 Telegraph stamps, arms, only indian text

Not sure if these ones are genuine

  1 a green
  2 a brown
  4 a blue
  8 a yellow
  1 R red
  2 R green
  5 R brown
  10 R red
  25 R violet

Black (for official use)
  1 a black
  2 a black
  4 a black
  8 a black
  1 R black
  2 R black
  5 R black
  10 R black
  25 R black

Forgeries on brownish paper exist.

Modern forgeries.

More telegraph stamps were issued in 1903 (consisting of two parts; used stamps are always cut into half); 1/2 a, 1 a, 2 a, 4 a, 8 a, 1 R, 2 R and 5 R. Also several surcharges exist (1/2 a on 1 a, 2 a on 2 R, 4 a on 2 R, 4 a on 5 R and 8 a on 5 R):

Reduced size

From 1894 on the stamps of India were used in Jammu and Cashmir.


'The Stamps of Jammu & Kashmir' by Frits Staal, 1983 (286 pages); covers history, stamps, postal stationary, essays, proofs, reprints and forgeries, telegraphs, fiscals and postmarks. I haven't read this book myself.

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