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1869 Carol I facing the left, with SMALL beard ('whiskers'), imperforate, inscription 'POSTA ROMANA' besides the head, value in BANI

 Probably subtype 3 Certified genuine

  5 b orange
  10 b blue
  15 b red
  25 b orange and blue
  50 b blue and red

Value of the stamps

vc = very common
c  = common
*  = not so common
** = uncommon
*** = very uncommon
R   = rare
RR  = very rare
RRR = extremely rare
Value Unused Used Remarks
5 b RR RR  
10 b R R First printing was in blue, the second printing in indigo.
15 b RR R  
25 b RR R  
50 b RR R  

Types (see also

There are four cliches of the all values, except for the 10 b where there are eight (4 for the blue and 4 for the indigo color):

25 bani type 1; extension at the upper right hand side corner and small break in second orange line above the 'AN' of 'BANI'

25 bani type 2, dot in the 'O' of 'POSTA' and a scratch through the upper part of the first 'C' of 'CINCI'.

25 bani type 3; small white hole in the line around the left '25' in the lower left corner. Dot in most outer white frameline under 'I' of 'BANI'.

Type 1, blue dot in the white frameling next to the 'NA' of 'ROMANA'

Probably type 2, the slanting line in the upper right corner continues towards the outer frameline.

Type 3 has smudges in and around the left '0' of '50'.

Type 4; small hole in line below to the left of 'B' of 'BANI'. Small dot in the frame to the right of the 'N' of 'ROMANA'. Small vertical line in the white line, just above the left Greec pattern.

Forgeries, examples:

Fournier forgeries:

These Fournier forgeries are quite deceptive:

In the 5 b Fournier forgery, the second 'C' of 'CINCI' is thinner at the top. In his 10 b forgery, the 'I' of 'BANI' has a stroke on the top that is too long; also there is a blotch of blue ink between the beard and the mouth which is not found in the original stamps. Note that the 'A' of 'POSTA' in the 15 b Fournier forgery is different (shorter foot stroke); also the two small parts of a circle are missing in the upper inscription below and above the word 'PRE'. In the 25 b genuine stamp, there should be roofs on top of the 'M' of 'ROMANIA'. In the 50 b the foot of the 'R' should be quite short, in the Fournier forgeries it is very wide, the chin of the King is also different; also note the lower part of the 'S' of 'POSTA' is too small.

Some of the above Fournier forged cancels were used on the above forgeries (barely discernable)

I've seen the 10 and 15 b Fournier forgeries with the 'JASSY 10 8 FRANCA' cancel as shown above.

Fournier album with forgerie of this and the following issue.

(Dangerous forgery, the 'C' of 'DECI' is slanting and the '5' in the lower right corner has a flaw at the top)

Very similar 50 b forgery to the ones shown above. Next to it two 25 b forgeries. All of them have a 'GALATI 7/12' cancel, except for the last one which is uncancelled.

The hair of the King is too 'greasy' and the eyes are very long in the above forgeries of the 10 b and 25 b values. It more looks like a portrait of Stalin.... In the 5 b forgery, the upper label is wrong. These might be Oneglia forgeries.

Typical 'Spiro' cancel.

In the above forgery of the 15 b the face of the king looks as if it is slanting backwards (compared to a genuine stamp). This is the forgery described in Album Weeds. The chin is too pronounced and the forehead receding. There is also no part of two small circles above and below the word 'PRE'. The 'A' of 'POSTA' is placed too low when compared to the ornamental border left to it. Also, this word is placed too far to the left. Next to it a 5 bani forgery and a forgery of the 1866 issue probably made by the same forger. The first stamp has a typical 'VF' cancel that can be found on forgeries of many other countries (are these Spiro products?).

The 'A' of 'POSTA' is placed too low when compared to the ornamental border left to it in this forgery. This word is placed too far to the left. It is probably made by the same forger as the above 15 B forgeries.

Here some more of these forgeries, including the 5 bani and 25 bani (reduced size). All with bogus cancels.

I've seen several of these forgeries with a 'TG JIU 9/10' (Targu Jiu?) cancel.

Two forgeries of the 15 bani value; note the damaged bottom left corner.

Forgeries of the 5 bani value. The lower left corner is damaged.

Two forgeries with the forged cancel 'BOTUSCHANI 28/9 MOLDOVA'.

Forgery with damaged ornament to the left of 'CINCI'

Forgery of the 25 b

Other forgery with almost blank ornament in front of 'CINCI'. This might be the 'Belgian forgery' mentioned in the Serrane guide.


Other forgeries:

Forgery! Forgery?
(Reduced sizes)

A forgery of the 25 b with the 'U' of 'DOUEDECI' too tall. The 'I' of 'BANI' is too tall.

The Serrane guide describes a deceptive Brussels forgery with cancel 'ROMAN 20 SEP.'.

A forgery of the 50 b exists, with the top ornaments similar to the 5 b stamp. More information (with pictures) on this forgery can be found at:


10 b blue
1871 issue: Very similar design, but with beard

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